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Business Debit Card

Business Debit Card

Easily make purchases and track business expenses with our free MasterCard® debit card. You’ll always have direct access to a designated account balance — plus the power to make purchases around the globe, around-the-clock. 

So equip your business with easy purchasing power. Multiple cards can be issued with pre-set employee limits as needed.

  • Free with any Alden State Bank business account
  • Reduce costs of purchasing checks
  • Simplify expense tracking
  • Multiple cards can be issued
  • Pre-set employee limits as needed
  • Safer than carrying cash
  • More convenient and safer than checks
  • Make purchases online or in-store virtually anytime, anywhere
  • 24/7 access to funds via 2,000 network fee-free ATMs
  • Easily withdraw funds from ATMs

To report a lost or stolen ATM or debit card call Alden State Bank at (716) 937-3381. After business hours call 1-800-528-2273

To activate a new or re-issued MasterCard, call 1-877-744-2274, from your primary phone number.

For MasterCard Secure or 3D Secure problems, go to

Get Purchasing Power At Your Fingertips

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